From Dark and Tense... to Bright and Uplifting

Counter Communications offers the best of Dark and Light:
DARK INTENSE SOUNDSCAPES for all your tense, eerie, creepy & dramatic moments.  BRIGHT VIBES for uplifting, funny, whimsical & happy scenes.

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Latest Releases

Latest Releases


Latest Credits

The Things We Cannot Change

Vampire feature film

The Ghost Under My Bed

Multi award winning stop-motion animated drama short

I Had No Choice

Home-invasion drama short

Halloween Obsessed

Ongoing documentary series

The Curse Of Oak Island


Faster With Finnegan

The Real Murders Of Atlanta


The Drive Within

Civil Disobedience

Web TV drama series

Death's Wager

Award-winning romantic fantasy short


Horror/Drama short

Steel Will

Cyberpunk boxing drama

America's Book Of Secrets


Multi award winning pilot for a Tech Horror web series

Florida Man Murders

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness

I Will Keep You Safe

Home invasion horror - short movie


Multi award winning short documentary about homelessness in Los Angeles

MTV The Challenge: War Of The Worlds 2


Multi award winning short drama about opioid addiction and depression

Trick Of The Old Cat

Multi award winning urban-fantasy short

39 And A Half

Comedy feature film, title song and score

MTV The Challenge: War Of The Worlds

About Counter Communications

Counter Communications is a music production house, publisher, label and music library. Founded by award-winning composer Chris Wirsig and his wife Marion, the production music side started out with exclusively dark music - from Horror to Crime. In 2023 a second catalog, Bright Vibes, was added that provides uplifting, quirky, whimsical and happy music for film and TV. Another catalog for songs, Fading Crow, offers contemporary and older styles of vocal tracks, often with an unusual edge, (co-)written and produced by Chris Wirsig.

Chris Wirsig

Owner | Composer | Producer

Chris Wirsig is an award-winning composer, songwriter and producer, whose music can be heard in the documentary series "Halloween Obsessed," the vampire feature "The Things We Cannot Change," several short movies, the comedy feature “39 And A Half,” as well as in games and in numerous TV shows on ABC, E!, MTV, History, Oxygene, Fox Sports, and many others.
On the songwriting/producing side, Chris started the acclaimed Electro Pop/Dark Wave band no:carrier in 1995 and the Electronica/Chill-Out project Virtual Conformity in 2001, as well as several side projects. He’s also co-writing and producing songs with other artists and songwriters like Psyche, Lori Barth, Briana Cash, Daniel E. Wakefield, Liza Marie Sparks, Queen Chameleon, The Dust Ryde, echoekill, and many others.
Chris is a Board Member and the SongArts chair of the Society Of Composers and Lyricists, as well as a member of the Television Academy, the Recording Academy, and the Production Music Association. He also plays keyboards in the Epic Metal band Angels On The Battlefield.

Marion Wirsig

Owner | General Manager

With an extensive background in project management, consulting, and logistics, Marion takes care of all organizational and administrative issues. She makes sure everything runs smoothly, on budget, and within the promised timelines.
While not a musician herself (even though she brings good ideas to the studio), Marion loves to work with creative people, using her strategic and analytical skills to support those with great artistic visions.




General & Music Briefs

Please send any questions and music briefs to:
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You can license our music directly via our distributor Primalhouse Music:
If you have any licensing questions, feel free to contact us at or call Chris at +1 323-365-6600.


If you think your music would fit well into our catalog, please send us an email to including links (no files in email!) to some of your best songs/cues.
We are happy to listen and get in touch with you if we also think they'd be a fit.

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